We're on a mission to help change digital marketing, media & work in South East Asia

Our story

We started GetCRAFT to help solve problems that we as marketers faced on a daily basis.

We wanted to create premium content, but didn't know which journalists, videographers, photographers & designers to work with and researching simply took too much time. We wanted to do creative sponsored content and bespoke native advertising at scale, but working with more than three sponsored channels became impossible to coordinate.

With GetCRAFT, we've built a platform where companies & agencies can easily connect with the best publishers, influencers & creators to produce high quality content at affordable costs. Meaning that today, brands can tell the stories they want to tell, publishers can be profitable in digital, and skilled content creators can get fair compensation for the work they do - our ultimate goal being to help foster a thriving creative and media industry in Indonesia & beyond.

Patrick & Reza,
GetCRAFT Founders

Our mission

Change Brands
By making it easy for them to create high quality content that educated and inspires their customers.

Change Media
Give media companies a business model that champions premium content and journalistic quality over click bait headlines and chasing page views.

Change Work
Help freelance creators get access to high-quality, well paid work on a consistent basis.

Our work culture and the things we value

Competitive Salary & Employee Equity

We match your salary & equity to the value you bring the company, not the time you've worked
in the industry.


We keep you up to speed with everything that's happening, so you can make smart and
informed decisions.

Strong Employee Development Plan

We believe it's our job today to help you become the digital superstars of tomorrow.

Unlimited Vacations & Flexible Work Arrangement

We trust you to get your job done, regardless of where and when you work.

The roles we are looking for