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Philippines’ Digital and Content Marketing Report in 2017

Philippines is the third largest economy in Southeast Asia with rapid increase of internet penetration, extensive social media use, and the government’s rigorous digitalisation plan. With all the existing opportunities, Philippines’ Digital and Content Marketing industry is poised to grow.

GetCRAFT, Southeast Asia’s premier content marketing network, releases a White Paper titled “Philippines’ Digital and Content Marketing Report in 2017 based on an online survey with 150 managers, directors, VP, and C-level marketers from brands and agencies, and expert interviews.

This complementary report aims to address some of the following questions and pain points commonly faced by marketers:

  • How much to spend on digital out of total marketing budget?
  • What is the most effective digital channel to use?
  • How to measure the success of digital and content marketing campaigns?
  • How to tackle skill gaps and budget restraints in running digital campaigns?

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