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Everyday, we help brands tell great stories through our network of writers, videographers, photographers, designers, media publishers, and influencers. By joining our creator network, we help showcase your work and connect you with exciting projects and campaigns.

USD$ 2 Million Paid To Creators

To date we have paid our creators over US$2 Million in sponsored & content creation fees.

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Once registered on our network choose which projects you want to take on based on your interests & current schedule.

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Every projects you receive from us will have a clear & detailed brief that has been confirmed by
the client.

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We help ensure you get paid on a fast & scheduled basis. Allowing you to focus on what matters – creating amazing content!

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Asis Freelance writer

"One word that crosses my mind when it comes to describing my freelance writing with GetCRAFT is that it has been fun."

"What has been most helpful for me is GetCRAFT's content creation process."

"Being part of GetCRAFT's network is very beneficial as a freelance writer."

Jeko Freelance writer

"I've been working with GetCRAFT as a contributing writer for almost 6 months until now and it is full of energetic, smart and dynamic people. I am always learning something new from them and improved better after every project."

Adri Freelance photographer

"I'm really happy that GetCRAFT is here for the freelance photographers network. GetCRAFT provides great opportunities for me in terms of giving us creative freedom from assignment to the medium to communicate the message. When given a project, GetCRAFT has always been very clear on the expectations from the start. What sets apart GetCRAFT from other networks I've worked with is that the easy access with publications and media companies in Indonesia, which has been a prominent advantage for us as freelance photographers."

"This is a terrific place to showcase our works. It's been a great working experience with GetCRAFT and I look forward to collaborating more with them in the future."

Aulia and Monik Publisher

"Only recently have native ads become a trend in Indonesia. Many brands, then, still need assurance of their value, and many publishers require additional assistance in making a truly effective native sponsored content."

"This is what GetCRAFT does well. It understands brands' interests in ensuring the marketing value of the ads, but when necessary, it is also ready to defend the publishers' thematic and linguistic approach. When the two interests collide, GetCRAFT actively seeks new methods to accommodate them altogether."

"GetCRAFT is anything but conventional. From the way it engages with clients and publishers, to its unique tool, it has demonstrated that when professionalism and creativity go together, anyone can go a long way."

Rifqi, Monoponik Studio Videographer

"Not only becoming our business partner, GetCRAFT has also become our friend in learning and growing in the field of the creative industry. We have been given chances to work on many awesome projects from amazing Clients.<br> Also, we can't ask for a more fun partner to work with than the GetCRAFT team"